Share our new “Schoolhouse Rock!” inspired video exposing insurance “Middleman” TODAY!

Today we join with California Nurses Association and Musicians Local 47 to launch our first in a series of “Schoolhouse Rock!” inspired music videos created by a Los Angeles musician, Clifford Tasner, in support of the Healthy California Act- SB 562 which establishes a Medicare-for-all type healthcare system in California. Our retro-themed video titled “Middleman”, exposes the greedy health insurance companies responsible for much of our rising healthcare costs.  The insurance industry has already started a propaganda campaign to confuse and mislead the public about the bill and distract them from serious problems in the current system.  This video can help your friends and families see through this misinformation and understand the benefits of doing away with the “middleman” insurers by passing the Healthy California Act SB562.

Please share this video now and often on social media and use it when conducting outreach and education on the bill, Facebook, Twitter.

After you share the video, call your Assemblymember at 855-271-8515 and tell them it’s time to co-author SB 562 and get the Middleman out of our healthcare for good! We need your help make sure we expose the greedy insurance Middleman and show the power of guaranteeing healthcare for all!